Flickr and WordPress!

Love (step 3 alternate), originally uploaded by tofu mugwump.

Greetings! New users will have to register with milkandcats and then comment somewhere to alert me you’d like to contribute. I can then give you author permission.

From there you can make posts by logging in and clicking “add new post” on the left hand column of your user screen. You can also upload and attach images directly through WordPress.

Another thing I recommend trying is blogging directly from flickr.

To do this, go to your extending flickr tab in your account page. Add a new wordpress blog and enter for the url. Voila!

Also, if you’d like an avatar to appear with your posts go to gravatar and sign up with your same e-mail address.

6 thoughts on “Flickr and WordPress!”

  1. I tried the direct from flickr thing and it made it tiny on the front page here.

    How come my image got all blurry when I put it up on here?
    I had to resize it in WordPress because it was too big, I’m going to go answer my own question and try resizing it before it goes up on here.
    I already made B but I’m going to wait for tomorrow…

  2. In Flickr you can adjust the formatting of your blog posts. Choose the maximum image size and it won’t do that I think. This post is max size from Flickr.

    The content is 576 px wide, but I won’t go much bigger than 550. Maybe 560. Maybe I should test it.

  3. To get to what I’m talking about on flickr go to You / Your Account / Extending Flickr and then flick “Layout” and choose “500px, on its own line”

    That is how big that puppy is.

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