Puppy Love art show

Puppy Love art show, originally uploaded by art school girl. Photo by Kyle LaMere.

Puppy Love was last Friday. There was an excellent turn out and over $300 was raised for Chicago Canine Rescue. I also sold the smaller of my two pieces, so that’s cool too.

I need to take this as an excellent kick in the pants to get me started doing more art stuff around Chicago. Bud’s talking about trying to organize an exhibition in the empty store front in our apartment building, which would be sweeet.

scenes from an old sketchbook – character sketches

These characters (and more!) might someday find themselves in a new comic of mine. They were originally conceived (and this was drawn) in summer of 2005.

Character names, clockwise from top left, are Octoboy, College Skank, Rondo, Ginny, Rondo being attacked by College Skank, and Whatever Zombie.

Whatever Zombie is where it is at. RAAAAGH BRAINS! Whatever.